Strictly Background


This documentary explores the charm and determination of some of Hollywood’s hardest working actors, professional “extras.” Turning industry convention on its head, this humorous & heartfelt documentary follows ten background actors as they navigate their way on and off the set. Both a behind-the-scenes look at Hollywood and a character-driven film, this film is a dynamic exploration into the pursuit of stardom and the real life struggle to stand out.

Jason Connell

Jason Connell, Peter Bedgood, Sean Kinney


Running Time
84 min

Screenings & Awards
Best Documentary – WT Os Int’l, Best International Documentary – Edmonton Int’l, Best Documentary – San Fernando Valley Int’l, Best Documentary – Rincon Int’l, Audience Award – Rincon Int’l, Final Cut Award – Lake Havasu Int’l, Newport Beach, Dead Center, Sidewalk, Edmonton Int’l, Cork Int’l, Hot Springs Documentary, Rincon Int’l

Release Dates
VOD (5/25/11), DVD (8/5/2008)

Rights Available
Broadcast, Theatrical, Educational & International