New Brow: Contemporary Underground Art


Pop Surrealism and Low Brow is a wide spread populist art movement with origins in Low Brow art, underground comix, punk music, hotrod street culture, Kustum culture, Street Art, Graffiti, Graphic Design, Tattoo, Surf Culture, Tiki Culture and other California sub-cultures. This is not a current version of Modern Pop Art. This a new movement, a new thinking in the art world. These are the artists that will inspire a new generation. Watch as this new movement rises from the streets and into the galleries.

Tanem Davidson

Tanem Davidson, Justin Giarla, Scott A. Grover

Featuring Shephard Fairey and more

Running Time
87 min

Screenings & Awards
Silver Ace Award – Las Vegas Film Festival, Hot Springs, RADAR Hamburg, Golden State Film Festival, Las Vegas Film Festival, Comic-Con 2010

Release Dates
Worldwide VOD (2013)

Rights Available
All Rights Worldwide, except VOD