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5 Days in Denver Now on iTunes

For 5 days in 2008, a group of protesters calling themselves Re-create 68 took to the streets of Denver to dissent against the American government at the Democratic National Convention. Defying federal court orders, riot police and bad press, this motley assemblage of men and women ranging in age from 21 to 71, set out to “re-create the spirit of the sixties” and exercise their version of democracy with their voices and bodies as their only political capital. 5 DAYS IN DENVER is an immersive journey through the modern protest experience in America.

With the election just around the corner, this timely documentary is a must see for anyone who thinks democracy is easy. Released this week on iTunes, 5 Days in Denver is an experience that you must see to believe.

Check out 5 Days in Denver on iTunes!


In a stunning and infamous departure in 2008, the Seattle Supersonics were relocated from their hometown of 41 years to Oklahoma City. After an amazing legal battle, the team was plucked from it’s home after three years in debate. The documentary follows the key events of the battle and features interviews from key players, broadcasters and journalists.

Filmmakers Jason Reid and Adam Brown describe Sonicsgate as the examination of “how a perfect storm of corporate greed and political impotence caused Seattle’s 41-year NBA team to be ripped away in 2008.” This great new title is now part of the United Films library.

Check out the film page to view the trailer and learn more!

Fight Life

From Filmmaker James Z. Feng, Fight Life is a new documentary in the United Films library. The film follows professional fighters in every aspect of their lives. From the actual fight to the extensive physical training, viewers are able to witness the amount of work it takes to become a professional fighter. The fighters allow the cameras into their most private and vulnerable struggles. From defeat to victory, this documentary captures the truly raw moments of this lifestyle.

You won’t want to miss this fascinating documentary, and we are thrilled to add it to our ever expanding film library. Check out the film page on our website to learn more and view the trailer.

New Films in Our Library

The past couple weeks have been a whirlwind for United Films. Not only have we been working steadily on all the films in our library to get them on multiple platforms, we have also acquired four new films in the last two weeks! We are so proud of the quality of films we represent, and how each new film has such a strong message for the United Films audiences.

Have you heard about these new titles? You will not want to miss 5 Days in Denver, Crocodile in the Yangtze, Erasing Hate, and Party Crashers. Visit our New Titles page to learn more about each of these films and watch the trailers!



Crocodile in the Yangtze

In a rare insider look at the first Chinese global internet company, filmmaker Porter Erisman takes audiences inside the operation of Jack Ma, the founder of Erisman documents a journey spanning over 12 years, starting from the first meetings of the company in Ma’s apartment. What is so dynamic about this documentary is the fact that Erisman himself began working for Jack Ma during the first stages of the company, and was a part of the virtual explosion of success. He is able to offer a perspective unlike any other, one that understands the ins and outs of this amazing company.

With countless amounts of exclusive footage, Erisman brings audiences into the meetings, speeches, and overall operation of Jack Ma and his company. It is fascinating to witness the respect and devotion the employees have for Ma, a feeling that Erisman admits he shares. As a unique leader and visionary of the internet company model in China, Jack Ma is an incredible subject for this documentary.

Visit the brand new film page for more information!

Party Crashers

Is it possible to maintain a modern conservative school of thought? It seems almost a contradiction that conservatism can be classified as modern. Party Crashers delves into the rise of newest movement of this modern conservatism, The Tea Party, and its recent effects on society as a whole. Although liberalism has seem to gained momentum with the dawn of technology, this documentary suggests the conservative agenda has also benefitted from the use of social media. How does the modern Tea Party use video to make their views heard? Just like everyone else, Youtube.

This fascinating documentary includes interviews with some of the founding members of The Tea Party while also exploring the opposition to the ideology. Living in such a politically charged time with the economic crisis looming, this documentary provides essential information to people who choose to have an opinion either way. Whether you side with the conservatives or liberals, this film will be integral in understanding modern political movements.

Visit the page for the film here to read more about it.

Bed Stuy: Do or Die

In a compelling look at the city of Bedford-Stuyvesant, the incredible documentary Bed Stuy: Do or Die illuminates the reality of medical assistance on a volunteer basis. The film crew follows the Bedford-Stuyvesant Volunteer Ambulance Corps through the streets of the once gang run city, giving audiences a look at the brave men and women who give their time to help others.

During the 80’s, the city of Bed-Stuy was so overrun with gang violence that ambulance response times could take up to an hour, leaving many people without medical assistance. One brave individual named James ‘Rocky’ Robinson took it upon himself to change this, reaching out to gang members and drug users themselves to change their own lives. The result was an amazing program that changed the city of Bed Stuy forever. This documentary offers an incredible look at what can happen when one person elicits change.

Visit the film page to watch the trailer and learn more!


Human dynamics can be a fascinating subject, especially when the dynamics are effected by behavior beyond our control. In a unique look at the modern family, Leila tells the story of a marriage strained by issues of mental illness.  While Leila and Paul try to save their marriage for the children, fear and mistrust begin to tear them apart when the sanity of one of them is questioned. In the fearful circumstances that emotional instability can bring, the movie begs the question is love enough?

The film is now part of the United Films library after showing at the United Film Festival – London earlier this month. With a stellar cast and fascinating story, this movie is definitely a must see. Visit the film page to learn more and view the trailer.